The Adobe Sessions


1. Adobe

2. Blistered Face

3. Secrets

4. Come On With Me

5. Open Waters

6. Paradise

7. I’m Free

8. Lovely Girl

9. Virgin Queen

10. Ranchero

11. To Get Back To You

12. Weeping Willow Tree

13. Angels

Copyright 2014 Bryan Breaux
“The Adobe Sessions” – Bryan Breaux

“Adobe” is the first and title track. 
This is an istrumental tune that I recorded in 2013.
Like most tunes, this one started with a chordal progression on the acoustic guitar. 
There are three acoustic guitar tracks and one electric bass track. 
I thought this one was nice and special and chose this one to kick off the album. 
I especially love the triplet rhythm in the melody.

“Blistered Face” is the second song on this album and the first single that was released.
This tune was composed and written way back in 1995.
There are two acoustic guitar tracks, two electric guitar tracks, one electric bass guitar track, two stereo drum tracks, and two vocal tracks…
Pretty simple.
I love how the electric guitars compliment the vocal melody with their nice harmonies.
This song modulates and has two key signatures which allows me to sing high and low.
I really don’t recall what the inspiration was for the lyrics.
I’m just a channel… a conduit… the Source is the creator.

“Secrets” is the third track on the album.
This song came fast and easy on a hot Summer day in 2013… just like all other great songs do.
I first had the chords on the acoustic guitar… next, came the lyrics.
The first tracks I recorded were the drums, live, in stereo, in Michael Willcox’s large living room.
Next, I laid down the electric rhythm guitar track.
Then, I sang the vocals in one take.
I could have rerecorded the vocals, but I chose to stick with the rawness that was captured in the first take.
This song features Michael on the electric guitar.
Michael took his time and played his electric guitar lead solo throughout the entire tune.
He painted a beautiful sound that became an integral part of the tune.
The electric bass guitar was the last track that I laid down on this tune.
Sometimes, it is best when you spend as little time as possible on a song…  by not over doing it.
This is a great example of the concept… Less is More!

“Come On With Me” is the fourth track.
This is also the one song where I use one of the naughty 7 words… so, the “Parental Advisory” sticker applies…Thanks to Tipper and P.M.R.C..
Originally composed and written in 1993, this one is a funny favorite of mine.
I first recorded the acoustic guitar track.
Then I recorded the drums live onto  two tracks in stereo.
I then recorded the two electric guitar tracks keeping them panned left and right.
The electric bass guitar was laid down after this.
Finally, the vocals were recorded onto two tracks.
I love the dry electric guitar… a ‘la The Who.
The drums are up front in the mix, making the tune a rocker.
This is a whimsical lyrical tune…to say the least.

“Open Waters” follows as the fifth track on this album.
When I sit at the piano and improvise a melody or a chordal progression, I often push record.
You never know what might come out of these moments.
This piano track was a one take improvisation that I sat on for a good while.
Surprisingly, it was recorded via a cell phone in 2013.
I pulled it off the back burner, so to speak, and added more musical instruments to the mix to bring the tune to life.
Drums and cymbals… an electric bass guitar… an acoustic guitar…and a distortion electric guitar were all added to the mix.
The final result is an instrumental.
This may be the closest I get to the New Age genre of music.

“Paradise” is the next song which opens with one of the most popular drum patterns in all of music.
This tune also has one of the most popular chordal progressions in music.
I composed and wrote it down in 1994.
The drums and cymbals were recorded first.
The strumming acoustic guitar was next.
An acoustic guitar playing chordal arpeggios then followed.
I then recorded the vocal track.
Finally, the sustaining electric guitar was added to fill up the sound a wee bit more.
As a child, I sailed on my family’s sailboat, very often … even for numerous days… alone, with my parents.
I bet I could sail a sailboat today, if need be.
I know that I can read the Northern Hemisphere constellations of the night sky.
Looking back, those days on the sailboat, sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribean Sea  and the Atlantic Ocean, may be some of the best times in my entire life.
Maybe the lyrics and the theme are why this is my Mother’s favorite song.

Seven…”At Seven We Go To Heaven.”
“I’m Free” is the name of this tune.
This song was composed and written in 1993.
The acoustic guitar was first.
The off beat pattern of drums and cymbals came next.
The lovely electric bass line flowed out after this.
An electric guitar track was added to thicken up the texture.
Finally, two vocal tracks were recorded.
I am happy the way that this tune turned out… it is very dreamy.

“Lovely Girl” is track eight.
I composed and wrote this tune in 1995 and still, to the present day, it  happens to be one of Karissa’s favorite.
First I recorded the acoustic guitar.
The drums and cymbals were next.
Then an electric bass guitar was laid down.
Three electric guitar tracks followed.
The lead vocal track was then added.
The song’s lyrics reflect the obvious.

“Virgin Queen” comes in as track nine.
Back in 1995, “someone” brought this tune to me… all metaphorically speaking, of course.
First, like most songs, I recorded the strumming acoustic guitar.
The unique melodic line that I played on the electric bass guitar came next.
Two electric guitar tracks were added.
I then recorded the lead vocal track… I kept the first take… even with a few blemishes in the track’s digital recording.
Finally, I added the digital piano arpeggios to complete the sound.
I will leave you all to imagine what the inspration was for the song’s lyrics.

“Ranchero” is track ten on the album. 
This tune started with a chordal progression on the acoustic guitar that I recorded in 2012.
Then I laid down a second acoustic guitar to compliment the other.
An electric bass guitar was next.
I then recorded the melodic line with two acoustic guitars.
Finally, I added a snare drum train beat that was played with ProMark HotRods, bundles of 19 dowels.
I imagined a horseback ride after hearing it all mixed together… hence the Spanish name.

“To Get Back To You” is the eleventh track on the album.
This is my attempt at telling a story in a Country music style.
It was composed and written back in 1994.
I finally decided to record it and release it after all these years.
First, I recorded the strumming acoustic guitar.
Then, I laid down the simple drum beat.
Next, came the Country bass line that I played on a muted electric bass guitar.
I then sat on the tune for a few weeks…
Then, one day, as I was listening to it via my headphones while I was taking a walk at the water’s edge of Lake Travis, it hit me.
“Just sing a harmony!”
Nothing else was needed… I was done.
Looking back, I love the lyrics of the chorus.

“Weeping Willow Tree” is the twelth tune.
First came the acoustic guitar track.
Then the drums and cymbals were added.
The electric bass followed.
The strumming electric guitar came next.
A vocal track was then recorded.
To finish it all off, I added the electric guitar solo that falls in and out of the tune.
This one is also an older song composed and written way back in 1994.
At my childhood home in Groves, Texas, there was a Weeping Willow tree in the backyard.
This is where one of my childhood cats is buried.
I’m not sure if this is the true inspiration of the lyrics, but, it is a thought.
This tune happens to be the favorite of Mary…a friend of many years.
I love the drum and cymbal tight ending

“Angels” is the final track of this album.
Two acoustic guitar tracks… an electric bass track… a distorted electric guitar track… one vocal track.
This is all that is needed.
Orignally composed and written in 1994, this tune has been one of my favorites throughout the years.
I was never forced to attend church, temple nor mosque.
However, I am a very spirtual person that has walked both paths throughout life… the light… the dark.
I have heard a lot of comments and feedback from others regarding this tune.
The ending dry vocal leaves one wanting more… a true closure for “The Adobe Sessions”.

Bryan Breaux – vocals, acoustic guitars, electic guitars, pianos, keyboards, basses, drums, cymbals.

Michael Willcox – electric guitar lead solo on “Secrets”.

“The Adobe Sessions” was recorded at the Lake Cottage Studio, Volente, Texas.

“The Adobe Sessions” cover art photo was taken in Terlingua, Texas by Bryan Breaux.

“The Adobe Sessions” was Produced, Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Bryan Breaux.

All songs were composed and written by Bryan Breaux / B.M.I..

Cover Art Photo by Bryan Breaux.

Copyright 2014 Bryan Breaux


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